Team Building Course

The key to success in any kind of organization is not always working harder…sometimes it is knowing how to work together!

Wooded Glen’s Teambuilding Challenge Course, a collection of more than 20 indoor and outdoor teambuilding activities, encourages out-of-the-box thinking and communication.

Our teambuilding activity is a minimum (2) hour event — led and facilitated by trained Wooded Glen staff.

Learn about EXPERIENTIAL leadership, team building, and resilience training through our partners at Pinnacle Leadership of Bloomington, IN.


Geo-Mission combines technology, nature and adventure into an exciting activity that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and teamwork. Teams are given a GPS unit and clues to various waypoints. At these waypoints, teams must find a particular object or complete a challenge. Each challenge is worth a point value which coincides with the challenge’s degree of difficulty.

Geo-Mission is a minimum (2) hour event — facilitated by a Wooded Glen staff member. Teams race against time and compete against one another to obtain the most points. Wooded Glen can cater this activity to a certain theme or goal the company would like to establish.

Please make arrangements in advance (8 am – 5 pm only)