Alumni Services

Overview of Alumni Services

Wooded Glen’s Alumni Program offers ongoing support to individuals who have completed our program. Weekly aftercare Zoom meetings provide a platform for alumni to connect and receive support on their recovery journey. Additionally, every Friday, alumni speakers return to the facility to share their own experiences and insights, inspiring and motivating current clients. Alongside these meetings, monthly fun and carefree sober alumni events are organized, creating a sense of community and enjoyment for those in recovery. The program also utilizes a dedicated social media page, known as the alumni app, to facilitate communication and connection among alumni. Furthermore, the alumni program extends a helping hand to alumni who have relapsed, assisting them in getting back on track and into treatment.

Nicole Conder Alumni Coordinator Wooded Glen Recovery Center

Contact Info
Nicole Conder
Alumni Coordinator
Wooded Glen Recovery Center
(317) 721-2555
Admissions (888) 351-0650

Meet Our Alumni Coordinator

My name is Nikki Conder, and I am the alumni coordinator at Wooded Glen recovery center. With a personal recovery journey spanning 6 years, I have experienced the transformative power of sobriety firsthand. It is in this role as alumni coordinator that I have discovered my true passion- helping others find the serenity and peace that I have found in my own life.

Working at Wooded Glen allows me to experience immense joy every single day. Interacting with our alumni and providing them with support and encouragement. One of the most exciting aspects of my job is organizing a diverse range of activities for our alumni. From outdoor adventures and social gatherings. These events provide our alumni with opportunities to connect with others, share their stories, and have a wonderful time together. I am dedicated to fostering an environment where our alumni can continue their journey of recovery, and find camaraderie, and lasting connections. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Wooded Glen Recovery Centers team and to contribute to the well-being of our alumni.