Cared for App 

About the CaredFor App at Wooded Glen

CaredFor is our secure, online platform that allows our alumni to connect, engage, and support one another, while also staying in touch with Wooded Glen Recovery Center. Inside CaredFor, alumni use a personalized dashboard that tracks sobriety time, provides articles and resource material, and provides support from recovery experts, including those at Wooded Glen Recovery Center.

CaredFor App Features:

• Track your recovery progress

• Keep a gratitude journal

• Join wellness challenges

• Read articles, listen to podcasts, watch videos

• Get help from recovery experts

Benefits of using Caredfor App: 

  • Improved communication and engagement: The CaredFor app fosters better communication and engagement between patients, providers, and coaches, leading to more effective treatment and support.
  • Enhanced recovery support: The app provides a wealth of resources and tools to support patients throughout their recovery journey.
  • Increased accountability: The app’s features help patients stay accountable to their recovery goals and connect to their support network.
  • Reduced risk of relapse: By providing ongoing support and resources, the app can help reduce the risk of relapse for patients in recovery.

Use of the CaredFor app is free for Wooded Glen Alumni and can be accessed on most wireless devices. To get started, text “WGRC” to “30678” or look for it in your app store.

Wooded Glen - CaredFor App

Disclaimer: The CaredFor app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.  While the app itself is free to use, some features might require a paid subscription from the treatment program. It’s important to note that the CaredFor app is not a replacement for professional addiction treatment. It should be used as a complementary tool to support ongoing recovery efforts.