One year is winding down and another is about to start.

That means it is time to set your New Year’s resolutions. If you are in recovery for a substance use disorder, you already have your primary New Year’s resolution figured out: maintain your sobriety throughout the next year and far into the future.

But if you want to make a few resolutions that support this goal, try jumping into podcasts.

Podcasts are extremely popular at the moment, and there is an incredible variety to choose from. You can listen to people talk about your favorite television show or argue about sports or discuss politics or even just unfurl an amazing story. Whatever you are interested in, odds are there is a podcast—possibly many, many podcasts—about it.

And that includes podcasts related to issues surrounding recovery. You might resolve to add one or more of these podcasts to your schedule as a way to support your ongoing recovery.

For Men: The Sobriety Blueprint Podcast

Host Jonathan Sylvester—who found himself addicted to painkillers and was at one point taking 60 pills each day–bills his podcast as “the men’s guide to thriving in recovery and life.” He explains his goals:

Sobriety is not enough for guys like us. If we don’t build a happy, healthy, and successful life that goes beyond just staying sober, not only are we selling ourselves short, we’re more likely to return to active addiction.

For Women: The Bubble Hour

Jean M. is dedicated to help us break down the stigma that impacts the lives of those struggling with alcoholism. Her podcast is frequently focused on women who are battling substance use disorders. The makers of The Bubble Hour are devoted to paying forward what they have learned during their own recovery journeys:

We are so grateful for the sober people who came before us to help find this path; this is one way to give back…Alcoholism thrives in the dark. Together, we bring light. And hope.

For Everyone: Far from Finished

Host Alexis Castro is committed to helping people move past the idea that they are defined by their substance use disorder. This podcast is all about figuring out how you are separate from your struggles with drugs or alcohol so that you can chart a new path for yourself while maintaining your sobriety. Far From Finished includes inspirational stories to help you maintain your dedication to improving your life:

Told in their own words, these stories provide insight into the experiences of people who are embarking on their own personal journey of recovery and triumph over addiction. Full of hope and inspiration, these stories demonstrate what is possible through compassionate treatment and dedicating oneself to living a better life.

For Everyone: Sober Life Radio

Hosts Joel and Carrie are credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselors. On their podcast, they discuss the ins and outs of recovery with a variety of guests. The co-hosts believe it is important to note that they are not affiliated with any particular recovery program or organization:

Sober Life Radio focuses on addiction/recovery and living a clean/sober lifestyle…Their mission is only to help spread awareness, provide resources, and break the stigma associated with addiction.

For Those Needing a Faith Alternative: AA Beyond Belief

The tenants of faith that underlie Alcoholics Anonymous do not necessarily align with everyone’s religious inclinations. AA Beyond Belief focuses on the many benefits the 12-Step program offers those in recovery while setting aside the spiritual aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous. The creators of the podcast have made a promise to their listeners:

We will provide a space for the agnostic, atheist, and freethinker in Alcoholics Anonymous to freely share their experience, strength, and hope with each other, and the Fellowship as a whole. Through civil and thoughtful discourse, we will learn and grow together in unity, service, and recovery.

Podcasts Fit Comfortably Into Our Busy Schedules

Maybe you’re thinking that one or more of these podcasts sounds like it might be interesting and helpful—but you’re worried about how to fit one more thing into your relentlessly busy schedule. That’s a fair concern, but one of the best things about podcasts is that you can listen to them on demand whenever time permits.

And you may find that podcasts are the perfect thing to listen to as you perform other tasks. You can listen while you clean your living space or office; you can listen while you exercise or walk the dog; you can listen on your commute, whether you’re the driver or taking public transportation. Listening to podcasts can be a great way to make a mindless or repetitive task a little more bearable while supporting your recovery at the same time.

Where to Find Podcasts and How to Listen

You can listen to podcasts on just about any device that is connected to the internet—your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, mp3 player, or other digital devices. Podcasts stream from a variety of platforms including Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spotify, and iTunes. In most cases, when it comes to podcasts focused on recovery, you won’t have to listen in any particular order unless you want to. Instead, you can read the episode descriptions and find the perfect listening experience for where you are in your recovery journey.

Need Someone to Listen to You? We’re All Ears

At Wooded Glen Recovery Center, we’re eager to listen to you and to develop a personalized treatment plan. That treatment plan will provide a firm foundation for your sobriety, and we are prepared to ensure you have access to a variety of resources to help you build on that foundation. If you like the sound of starting your recovery in a supportive, personalized environment, we’d love to hear from you. We are ready to help.

You might resolve to add one or more of these podcasts to your schedule as a way to support your ongoing recovery.

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