There has been a lot of economic news over the last many months—some of it good, some of it troubling, and some of it confusing. But no matter the state of the national economy, most everyone’s personal economic situation could use a little boost from time to time. And nothing provides a boost quite like free activities and resources.

While options will vary from community to community, in general, it is possible to find a whole range of things to do that don’t cost money—especially during the warm weather months. And taking advantage of those opportunities is a great way to support your ongoing sobriety.

Not sure where to start? We have a few ideas.

Find the Free Concerts (and Movies)

Many communities are awash in free music in the summer months. You might find a community band playing in the park, or a cover band performing during the farmers market, or a whole festival devoted to jazz or blues or soul music. 

Engaging with music can be a wonderful way to support your sobriety, and free summertime concerts are great opportunities to spend time with friends and family. Just be aware that at some events alcohol (or other substances) might be on offer, and have a plan for avoiding temptation.

In addition to concerts, some communities also have a free outdoor movie series as well. Bring your own popcorn and catch a great flick with some friends.

Head to the Parks or Hike (or Bike) the Trails

You can spend a day in a public park just hanging out with your friends. A frisbee or ball, some snacks, and good conversation are all you really need to have a great time. Or you could find the local trail system and do some hiking or biking.

No matter what outdoor activity you choose, you will get the benefits of getting some sun (though you want to be sure to use sunblock) and some exercise. The sun provides vitamin D, which supports your mental well-being, and physical activity is good for the body and the mind. In turn, these positive impacts on your mental and physical health support your sobriety.

Explore Libraries, Museums, and Historic Sites

Public libraries are wonderful resources offering a whole range of books, movies, music, and more to check out at no cost as well as plenty of public programming, much of it free. No matter your interest, you can likely find something to read that can entertain you, educate you, or inspire you—or that can accomplish all three of those things. 

Many museums—ranging from art museums to history centers and more—offer free admission some or all of the time. Exploring the collections of various museums can be fascinating, and you may discover that you want to return frequently to see new exhibits or to spend more time with your favorite artworks or artifacts.

Maybe your community is home to a range of historic places you can visit. That is a great way to learn more about what is special about the place where you live. You might even be able to find a walking tour that explores your town’s history.

Engaging with books or art or history can be both relaxing and invigorating—sometimes at the very same time. That engagement can be part of the foundation of your continuing sobriety.

Get to Know Your Community’s Public Art Collection

Plenty of places have a varied collection of public art on display. Taking a self-guided tour of your community’s public art can be a great way to get outside—and also a great way to see some hidden gems (or hidden oddities) that you might not notice otherwise.

You might think of it as your own personal public art scavenger hunt. Snap pictures of the sculptures and murals you encounter. Talk to friends to find artwork you might not know about. Check in with local museums or art commissions to learn about how public art has been selected over the years, how it is cared for, and what plans might be in place for future community art.

Whether you hunt for public art on your own or with friends, you may be surprised at what you find—and you may see your community in a new way. This spirit of curiosity can bolster your sobriety. 

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