Residential treatment for a substance use disorder is—almost by definition—a life-changing experience. While in treatment, you have regained your sobriety, learned strategies and gained resources for maintaining your sobriety, and started to think about returning to your day-to-day life.

That last one can be a doozy. After all, your day-to-day life was largely defined by your struggles with drugs or alcohol and by any co-occurring mental health disorders—like depression, anxiety, or a trauma-based disorder—that may have been in play. Sure, you are sober now, and you have received care for your mental health, but will you be able to maintain and build upon those improvements over time?

It is a fair question—and we have an answer: When you receive treatment for a substance use disorder at Wooded Glen Recovery Center, you can count on ongoing support as you transition back to your daily life. Let’s investigate the details of what that support might look like.

Considering Continuing Care

Wooded Glen Recovery Center offers a continuum of care to ensure that you can start your recovery journey with confidence. That ongoing care is personalized to meet your specific needs and goals, and it may include:

  • Help finding a 12-Step or other recovery program in your community
  • A transitional period in a sober living house shared with others in recovery
  • Intensive outpatient programs that help to bridge the gap between residential treatment and independent living

Benefits of continuing care for those in recovery include:

  • A reduced risk of relapse
  • Improvements in mental health
  • A better likelihood of finding and maintaining employment
  • An enhanced overall quality of life

Apply a Couple of Apps to Your Situation

Wooded Glen offers access to two extremely helpful apps that can provide support for your recovery.

The first is called Trac9, which uses standardized assessments to spot changes in levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and cravings as well as commitment to sobriety, optimism, and quality of life. The results are collected—generally on a weekly basis—and the resulting data is used to help determine whether an individual is at an increased risk of relapse. If they are, more recovery work is called for to protect that person’s hard-won sobriety.

The second app is called CaredFor, and it enables Wooded Glen alumni to connect, engage, and support one another. The app provides each user with a personalized dashboard that provides access to a variety of resources and tracks sobriety time. The app gives users access to advice from recovery experts—including those at Wooded Glen Recovery Center.

Benefits of the CaredFor app include:

  • A reduced risk of relapse
  • Increased accountability and goal setting
  • Enhanced recovery support
  • Improved communication and engagement with an essential support system

Getting the Gang Together for Mutual Support

The alumni program at Wooded Glen provides ongoing support to those who have completed treatment with us. These services include weekly online aftercare meetings that bring alumni together in a virtual space to share support for one another. 

In addition, alumni speakers return to Wooded Glen each Friday to share insights and experiences with individuals who are currently in residential treatment for a substance use disorder. 

Monthly sober social activities are also part of the program, which allows alums to build community in person (in addition to connections they may make via the CaredFor app). 

Importantly, the alumni program also offers aid to alumni who have experienced a relapse, providing key support as they return to treatment to restart their sobriety journey.

We Work with You to Instill Confidence—In Treatment and Beyond

Often, individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder are concerned they simply will not be able to stay sober once treatment comes to an end. As we have noted above, we are committed to providing ongoing resources to ease the transition from treatment to your regular life.

Our rehabilitation program is also designed to help bolster your confidence in yourself via personalized treatment, education about sobriety resources and strategies, and the building of a support system of others who understand what you are going through via group therapy

At Wooded Glen Recovery Center—located in Henryville, Indiana—we know that our commitment to you must remain strong after your time with us comes to a close. That is why we devote so many resources to ensuring that ongoing support is always available to you and to ensuring that you can build a community of others who are on a similar path. Our alumni programs, apps, and services are a key part of our mission to improve the lives we touch.

If you are ready to make a change, we are ready to support you from the moment your treatment begins and well beyond the moment it ends.