Are You a Podcast Listener?

If you like to listen to podcasts, you have probably noticed something about the ads that you hear during your favorite shows. While some of those ads are for products and services, an awful lot of them are for other podcasts.

Sometimes, the connection between the show you are listening to and the podcast being advertised is obvious. Maybe they are hosted by the same person. Maybe they share a theme. Maybe they are produced by the same podcast network.

Other times, the connection is a little harder to suss out. Maybe you are listening to a true crime podcast, and the ad in the middle of the show is for a podcast about cooking or gaming or how to get ahead in business. (We know what you are thinking, and no, committing a crime is not a good way to get ahead in business.)

Recovery Podcasts to Support Your Journey

We have some podcasts to recommend, and you can rest assured that they are all connected thematically around issues related to recovery. You can give one or more of them a try, as the ads always say, “wherever you get your podcasts.”

Belle’s One Minute Messages – Witty and Brief

With all of the media choices out there in the world (and all of the pressures and demands life throws at us), just thinking about adding a podcast to your crammed schedule can seem overwhelming. That’s why our first suggestion is one that won’t demand much of your time. Here’s a bit of how Belle describes the show:

In these short one-minute audios, I share ideas and tips and inspiration and smart-mouth language. These audios get inside your head, make you laugh, encourage you to keep going.

Sometimes a one-minute encouragement to keep going is exactly what you need when temptation strikes or a day seems particularly difficult.

Solo Sobriety – Advice Delivered from a Traveling Tiny House

In a crowded world of recovery podcasts, it can be hard to stand out, but the host of this show has found a unique niche. She has taken her show—and her sobriety—on the road.

This is a podcast about a young female going through the struggles of getting sober and staying sober. Finding what it means to overcome addiction and find balance in life. She’s doing all this while traveling solo in a Sprinter Van that has been built into a tiny home.

The podcast is, in large part, about overcoming obstacles and finding a way of living that feels authentic to you—and that protects your sobriety.

The Unruffled Podcast – Unfurling Your Creativity

Engaging with your own creativity can be a powerful practice when you are in recovery from a substance use disorder. The act of creation—no matter the art form or medium—can help you process difficult emotions and bring beauty into your own life (and the lives of others if you decide to share your work).

When an addiction is removed, there is a void that is left and this show digs into all of the ways to fill that void. The Unruffled is passionate about creating and making and how those pursuits fuel recovery…

Always remember that artistic mastery is not a requirement when it comes to supporting your recovery via creativity. Finding an activity that you enjoy and that fully engages you is more than enough.

Recovery Rocks – Music and Recovery Across the Generational Divide

One host is a Gen Xer. The other is a Millennial. They are both in recovery—and they both love rock-n-roll.

Give them a couple microphones and you get the Recovery Rocks podcast, a new kind of discussion about the issues impacting those who struggle and recover, reflecting different perspectives, but finding much in common.

This podcast reminds listeners of something important: We are all different and yet we can find common ground. For those in recovery, this is a great reminder that every person’s journey is their own, but that lots of people are engaged in a similar journey, too. Plus, if you like your recovery talk with a side of rock-n-roll, this podcast might have you cranking up your speakers.

We Have Barely Scratched the Surface

Maybe you are interested in trying out a couple of recovery podcasts, but none of the options we have explored particularly appeals to you. That is no problem at all, because there are tons and tons of podcasts to choose from. And when you give one a try, the odds are pretty good you will hear an ad for another podcast or two that might turn out to be just what you are looking for.

We Are Excellent Listeners

At Wooded Glen Recovery Center, our approach to treating substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders starts with listening to you with attention and respect. We never forget that each person we serve is a unique individual with a unique story and unique needs. With both expertise and compassion, we created personalized treatment plans that will help you regain and maintain your sobriety. When you let us know you are ready to get sober, we will be happy to hear it.

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